My Vision for Leatherhead: Councillor Heather Ward, October 2002

A friendly and bustling small town where we can meet our friends and find a useful range of services and shops. These should include family businesses as well as branches of multiple stores, a thriving market, and a choice of cafes and restaurants. It should be safe for families with small children and convenient for people with disabilities, but at the same time, the shops should be up to date and should give an efficient service. There should be pleasant pedestrian routes to the many attractions around the town, such as the river and the museum, and well designed open spaces within the town where public events can take place in safety. There should be a childrens’ play space close to the town.

Clearly, the two Councils, District and County, cannot control which businesses decide to come into the town, but they can play an important part in helping attract businesses and residents, and these are some of the ways that I think they should be doing it:

When the roadworks are finished we will need to promote the town. I have heard a suggestion that we should aim for Leatherhead to be a place where people can have “stress free shopping”. We can promote it to visitors as the Gateway to the Surrey Hills.

Heather Ward
October 2002