Leatherhead AHEAD - Direction Signs
The Crescent and to the Theatre (part of Church Street)
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Map/Aerial photo
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junction Church St & The Crescent from the Crescent: 16 May 2004

Church Street, towards centre/junction with the Crescent, near Library

have turned right from Crescent into Church St: looking towards High St, Church St car park behind shops: 16 May 2004

same sign 16 May 2004
Looking towards entrance of car park

parking Church St outside TSB
16 May 2004

parking Church St outside STS &
also Help The Aged 16 May 2004

Church St entrance to High St pedestrian zone
16 May 2004


and outward from the Theatre/Church St car park

Church St/Crescent junction, from town centre, 16 May 2004
Givons Grove roundabout approaches

Crescent, approaching Epsom Road/Leret Way junction

Crescent, facing at traffic lights at Epsom Road/
Leret Way junction

unless otherwise stated images 16 May 2004: source website editor
If any signs have changed or we have missed some, please let us know - or even better, provide a usable image!
updated 21 May 2004