Leatherhead AHEAD - The Old High Street

Many will remember what Leatherhead High Street looked like before the changes that came with the development of the Swan Centre and 'Phases 1&2'. However, for those who were not living here then ...

source: Leatherhead AHEAD
The top end of the High Street, just down from the Institute: source Bruce Reid, mid 1960s

source: Leatherhead AHEAD
The middle of the High Street: source Bruce Reid, mid 1960s

an earlier view of the Crossroads


source: Leatherhead AHEAD
North Street, towards Bull Hill, mid 1960s

from the
Leatherhead Advertiser w/e 13 Aug 1982
a pre-bandstand view of the pedestrianised High Street

The Bandstand: source Bruce Reid, early 1990s

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